Tyre services

Rough roads, potholes and the occasional smacking of a curb don’t just make for an uncomfortable ride; they can knock your wheels out of proper alignment. Misaligned wheels can pull your vehicle to one side and cause you to constantly correct your steering. If your vehicle pulls to one side consistently when you apply your brakes, it could be an alignment issue. Lack of proper alignment can also cause an annoying “shimmy” or vibration in your steering wheel. Wheels that are out of alignment can also cause uneven tire wear. Uneven tires wear out more quickly and don’t grip the road properly, especially in bad weather. Left unchecked, misaligned wheels can cost you time, money and headaches.

Vehicle alignment service helps your tires last longer, can help improve gas mileage and provides tighter handling to give you and your passengers a better ride. An alignment inspection and service can keep you worry free and your vehicle on the road longer. Our highly trained technicians are knowledgeable about vehicle alignment. After a quick discussion with you about how your vehicle is driving, they will conduct wheel angle measurements using precise equipment. These wheel angle measurements will show whether your wheels are within the alignment settings specified by your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. If they don’t match the recommendations, our technicians can adjust them so that they are.

Tyres are the only parts of your vehicle that actually touch the road, so proper inflation, even tread wear and new tires, if necessary, are important. That’s why Swee Hing offers a full range of tire services.

Having the correct amount of pressure in your tyres means your vehicle is getting optimal contact with the road. Properly inflated tyres help improve fuel economy and wear more evenly as well. That’s why the Swee Hing Tire Rotation Service includes checking the tyre pressure and inflating or deflating the tyres as appropriate to meet your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

To feel comfortable on the road, it’s important to have good traction. Due to various factors, including improper alignment, tyres may wear unevenly across the tread pattern. Regular tyre rotations at Swee Hing can help evenly distribute wear — so you get the most distance out of your tyres while maximizing traction on all four wheels and helping prevent flat tyres.

Signs you need to service your tyres:

  1. Excessive wear on either edge of the tread
  2. Excessive wear in the middle of the tread
  3. Bubbles or bulges on the outside of the tyre
  4. Needing to add air frequently to a low tyre
  5. Cracking in the sidewall of the tyre
  6. Foreign objects (screws, nails, etc.) embedded in the tread


Signs your vehicle needs an alignment service

  1. Uneven tyre wear
  2. Vehicle pulls to the right or the left
  3. Vibration in the steering wheel
  4. Steering wheel is turned to the left or right when the front wheels are pointed straight ahead