Swee Hing’s subsidiary, Tayar Celup Tanda Batu, is a MS224 and ISO9001 certified retreading plant that has been in operation since 1988. Utilizing international standard and advanced equipments, its quality is widely recognized in the industry and thus it is appointed as a Continental retread partner.

About retread tyres

Retread tyre is reconditioned tyre whose worn tread is replaced by a new tread. A mature technology which is legally practiced in many countries, it offers similar performance as a new tyre at a lower cost and greater environmental benefits.

Tayar Celup Tanda Batu produces retreads under the brand names Milestone and Hitex which targets at premium and economy users respectively. The retreading process starts with a careful inspection of the retreadability of casing (worn tyres), using visual and shearography inspection. If the casing is retreadable, the worn rubber is then buffed away and any injuries will be repaired. A layer of cushion gum is applied to the casing, and a new tread is then precisely applied and uniformly cured onto the casing. All finished retreads will undergo stringent quality inspection to ensure our products meet the MS224 standard.

Today, our retreads are used in fleets with a high emphasis on safety and durability, for example oil and gas, sand and gravel etc, testifying to the high quality of our products.



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