Truck Tyres

We partnered with Michelin and Continental and operate a Michelin Truck Service Centre and Continental Best Drive Truck Centre in Johor Bahru. The tyre brands we supply include Michelin, BFGoodrich, Continental, General and Westlake tyres.

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Tread design categories

Generally speaking, there are two basic types of tread designs. One is optimized for fuel efficiency, while the other is configured for increased traction. Depending upon your vehicle needs and operational conditions, we can help you choose the right design.

Rib Tread Design Block or Lug Tread Design
Rib Tread Design Block or Lug Tread Design

Characterization: Grooves placed parallel to the bead, thus forming ribs.

Benefits: Usually significantly better for fuel economy, although does not provide enhanced wet traction.

Position: Usually found on the steering axle of a truck/tractor and on other free rolling axles such as trailers axles. Also found on torque axles when traction is not a high priority.

Characterization: Grooves placed laterally and perpendicular to the bead.

Benefits: Selected primarily for traction and improved mileage.

Position: Usually found on the drive or torque axle. The increased tread depth is needed to offset the scrubbing and/or spinning that can occur when power is transmitted to the drive axle.

How to read tyre sidewall

Tire sizing diagram

Aspect Ratio = Section Height/Section Width

Aspect ratio diagram

Load index and Speed index table
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