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We are well equipped to perform full maintenance & repair to extend the optimum lifespan and performance of car and truck tyres. Our service centres are staffed by professional mechanics and equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

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Pressure checks and rotation
Tyres are the only parts of your vehicle that actually touch the road, so proper inflation and even tread wear are important. Having the correct amount of pressure in your tyres means your vehicle is getting optimal contact with the road. Properly inflated tyres help improve fuel economy and wear more evenly as well.
Rotation will extend the life of your tyres and improve their performance. Tyres on the drive axle wear the fastest due to transmission, power and torque. Therefore it is beneficial to move the non drive axle wheel to the drive axle so that all tyres wear evenly and last longer.
Rotation interval: 8,000km
Signs you need to service your tyres:
task_alt Excessive wear on either edge of the tread
task_alt Excessive wear in the middle of the tread
task_alt Bubbles or bulges on the outside of the tyre
task_alt Needing to add air frequently to a low tyre
task_alt Cracking in the sidewall of the tyre
task_alt Foreign objects (screws, nails, etc.) embedded in the tread
Tyre balancing
Often, when tyres are fitted, there is a slight imbalance in the tyre or in the wheel and these effects can actually combine to amplify the dynamic imbalance. Therefore, dynamic balancing should be carried out systematically whenever tyres are replaced or refitted.
If great enough, any imbalance in the wheel and tyre assembly can generate vibrations in the suspension and vehicle structure at specific speeds. Such vibrations can not only make your driving unpleasant, but also accelerate the wear of your tyre tread and other suspension components in the vehicle. Premature wear leads to increased costs as the tyre will have to be changed before its time.
Balancing interval: Every time a new tyre is fitted or when your wheel has been hit
Signs your vehicle needs a balancing service
task_alt Uneven tyre wear
task_alt Vibration in the steering wheel
Wheel alignment
Rough roads and potholes can knock your wheels out of proper alignment. Misaligned wheels can pull your vehicle to one side and cause you to constantly correct your steering. If your vehicle pulls to one side consistently when you apply your brakes, it could be an alignment issue. Lack of proper alignment can also cause vibration in your steering wheel. Wheels that are out of alignment can also cause uneven tire wear. Uneven tires wear out more quickly and don’t grip the road properly, especially in bad weather. 
Vehicle alignment service helps your tires last longer, can help improve gas mileage and provides tighter handling to give you and your passengers a better ride. An alignment inspection and service can keep you worry free and your vehicle on the road longer. We are knowledgeable about vehicle alignment and can conduct wheel angle measurements using precise equipment. These wheel angle measurements will show whether your wheels are within the alignment settings specified by your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. If they don’t match the recommendations, we can adjust them so that they are.
Alignment interval: 10,000km
Signs your vehicle needs an alignment service
task_alt Uneven tyre wear
task_alt Vehicle pulls to the right or the left
task_alt Vibration in the steering wheel
task_alt Steering wheel is turned to the left or right when the front wheels are pointed straight ahead
Brake service
It’s a good idea to have your brakes inspected every 40,000km or about once a year. We can conduct an inspection of the brake system’s linings and other key components and recommend services based on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and the condition of the brake components that impact system performance.
Brake inspection interval: 40,000km
Signs your vehicle needs brake services
task_alt The brake pedal responds slowly and feels “spongy”
task_alt The brake warning light on your dashboard comes on and stays on
task_alt You hear grinding or squealing when you apply the brakes
task_alt Your vehicle pulls to one side when you apply the brakes
Engine oil service
Regular oil changes improve your engine's performance, extend its longevity, and help your car achieve its peak fuel mileage. Clean oil is essential for keeping the engine and all the engine controls properly lubricated and running smoothly. 
Engine oil inspection interval: 5,000km
Signs your vehicle needs an oil change
task_alt Dirty oil 
task_alt Low oil level
task_alt Smoke from exhaust
task_alt Issues in changing gears
Suspension service
Does your vehicle suspension bounce when driving down the road? Dip and bottom out when going over bumps? Do you fight your vehicle to drive in a straight line? If so, we can offer steering and suspension services to help straighten and smooth out your vehicle’s ride.
A vehicle suspension and steering system serves two purposes — managing the handling of your vehicle on the road and improving comfort by minimizing bumps and vibrations in the passenger cabin. Over time, key components such as ball joints, tie-rod ends and bushings can wear out even in normal use. Hitting or running over obstacles like potholes or curbs may damage some of the same components. Worn or broken parts can affect the ride, handling and safety of your vehicle. We offer shock and strut replacement services to restore your vehicle suspension system to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. New shocks and struts can provide enhanced handling, greater safety, advanced stability and control, a shorter braking distance, and a superior ride for you and your passengers.
Suspension inspection interval: 40,000km
Signs of a worn suspension
task_alt Excessive bouncing after hitting a road bump
task_alt Vehicle sways or leans on turns
task_alt Vehicle “nose dives” when you apply the brakes
task_alt Harsh or shaky ride
task_alt Fluid leaking out of the shock or strut body
Battery service
A vehicle battery has a bunch of important functions, like storing energy and providing power to the starter, ignition system, fuel system and pretty much every other electrical component during start-up. Plus, it provides power to all the electronic components when your vehicle isn’t running. Regular vehicle battery maintenance or an auto battery replacement helps prolong your vehicle battery life, keeping all these components clicking, blinking, honking and shining even in the harshest weather.
We take just minutes to inspect and test your battery and charging system components on a machine that lets you know with a high degree of confidence how much life is left in it. If our technicians determine that your vehicle battery isn’t performing, we can replace it with a new one. However, not all problems are from a non-functioning battery. You can have a brand new battery and still have problems if your battery terminals. Our technicians will clean corrosion from the terminals and cable ends, apply anti-corrosion spray, and install felt corrosion protectors to help guard against future corrosion.
Battery inspection interval: 10,000km
Signs your vehicle battery needs attention
task_alt Headlights are dimmer, especially during and right after starting
task_alt Horn sounds weaker than normal
task_alt Engine cranks more slowly than normal
task_alt Engine cranks but won’t start
task_alt Engine won’t crank
Air filtration service
The engine air filter helps ensure optimal fuel combustion and engine performance. It captures airborne contaminants such as dirt and dust before they can enter the engine. Typically the system includes a pleated paper element and a paper or foam breather element to capture contaminants in the air coming from the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve. A dirty, clogged engine air filter system prevents enough clean air from getting into the engine and can contribute to reduced acceleration. Manufacturers recommend replacement at particular intervals, which may be shorter if your vehicle is subject to severe conditions. 
Air filter inspection interval: 20,000km
Signs that you need a new air filter
task_alt Visually dirty or clogged engine air filter
task_alt Reduced air flow in the cabin
task_alt Increased noise when the fan is running
task_alt Reduced acceleration
Cooling system service
Does your engine run hotter than normal just after starting it? Does the temperature slowly creep higher and higher as you drive down the road? Do you detect an odor that’s a little like boiling maple syrup or see green or orange fluid pooling beneath your vehicle? If you do, it’s time to visit us.
A properly functioning cooling system circulates coolant through the engine and radiator, helping reduce heat levels produced by your vehicle’s engine. When your vehicle’s cooling system isn’t functioning properly, the temperature of your engine can get hot enough to damage itself. Heads can warp. Gaskets can blow. Your engine can fail. Getting an inspection and coolant flush and fill can save you a lot of money and time spent on the side of the road. A coolant flush and fill at regular intervals can help prevent overheating, freezing and premature cooling system corrosion.
Cooling system inspection interval: 20,000km
Signs your vehicle needs a coolant flush
task_alt Temperature gauge fluctuates between normal and hot
task_alt Coolant pooling under the vehicle
task_alt Grinding sounds coming from the engine area
task_alt Visible rust and/or scaling in the coolant
task_alt Steam and/or hot maple syrup-like smell coming from under the hood
Our subsidiary, Tayar Celup Tanda Batu, is a SIRIM MS224 certified retreading plant. Equipped with European equipments, international standard and trained personnel, we produce retreads which are durable and are often used by fleets in tough applications.
Alignment, balancing, repair and rotation
We work with Michelin and Continental to operate two strategically located truck centres in Johor Bahru to provide essential tyre services such as alignment, balancing, repair and rotation to our customers. Our centres are staffed with experienced and professional mechanics and use advanced technology to maintain tyres at the optimum conditions.
Roadside rescue
Our extensive network of tyre rescue service spans peninsular Malaysia and therefore we are able to deal with roadside tyre failure quickly and get our customers’ trucks mobile in the shortest time possible.
Tyre performance monitoring
We get the most out of our customers' tyres by constantly monitoring the tyre pressure, tread depth, mileage, damage and wear profiles, and reporting on status of tyres and providing suggestions of corrective actions to maximise tyre durability and performance.
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